Thursday, December 11, 2014

Little H and Family | Paducah, KY Photographer

It's amazing how fast little ones grow. Back in the summer I photographed this little guy's first birthday party (which is one of my favorite photo sets) and he's already changed so much. This time around, he was on the move and stopping for photographs was not in his agenda. However, we got some good shots and I choose a few of my favorites to share with you today.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Chalkboard Mug | a DIY gift

Can I just say that this is a pinterest DIY that actually works? It's a really easy project and makes a great non-expensive gift idea. I made this for a friend's birthday and I know I'd love to receive something like this as a gift. 

I painted a small rectangle on the side of my mug, but you can do it however you'd like - paint the whole outside of the mug, half of the mug, a band around it, or a circle on the side, whatever you want. Just be sure to include instructions to hand wash the mug with your gift to keep it looking its best.

Continue reading for the full instructions!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Lovely Letters November

Back in the summer I participated in my first blog mail swap in the August Lovely Letters. I loved getting to know someone new and sending a package of surprises. I decided to do it again this month and was pared with the sweet Monica from walk/humbly, who is also a photographer. I am so glad we were paired together, as we have similar tastes. We pretty much sent the same things to each other in our packages, which I thought was so fun!

Here's what I sent Monica:

(not pictured, a handwritten note and bookmark)

And the lovely package Monica sent me:

Have you ever participated in a blog swap?

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coffee Cocoa

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I don't really drink coffee but I adore how it smells and tastes. On a recent Target trip, I convinced my family that we needed a French press because we had no way of making coffee (instant coffee doesn't qualify as real coffee). It's been surprisingly simple to use and makes a great cup. I've heard that the French press is the preferred brewing method for coffee aficionados but I personally like the fact that I don't have to buy coffee filters.

I haven't quite acquired a taste for black coffee, though. I prefer a bit of coffee with my milk. And I drink decaf. So anyway...

I discovered that the combination of coffee and hot chocolate is my ideal way to drink coffee. I've been using a decaf coffee but feel free to use your favorite type.

Coffee Cocoa
Serves 4

A French press
Your favorite coffee grounds
Cocoa powder

In the French press, put in 3 Tablespoons of coffee grounds, 2 Tablespoons cocoas powder. Pour hot (not boiling) water into the press. Stir well with a wooden spoon. Place the top on the press without pressing down the filter. Let brew of 4 minutes. Slowly and gently press down the filter. Pour into cups, adding milk and sugar as desired, and enjoy!

P.S. Another fave drink as of late- peanut butter banana smoothie from Gimme Some Oven.

What's your favorite cold-weather drink?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Christmas Photo Cards | Paducah KY family photographer

When was the last time you took a family photo? Spots are still available for my Christmas mini sessions! In addition to the mini photography sessions, I'm offering custom Christmas photo cards for your annual greeting card.  Check out this page over on my website for more info and to see my other designs.

Questions? Contact me here.

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